ALT Conference: University of Manchester

On Wednesday 9th of September, I attended the ALT Conference at the University of Manchester. It was an interesting day, lending insight into how other Universities and Institutions tackle similar issues to those held within Loughborough University. Among many talks highlighting routes that could be taken to ensure staff and students utilise the technology around them fully, one I found particularly interesting was given by Sara Hattersley and Emma King from Warwick University, entitled Technologies for Academic Practise. They are creating a space within Mahara where people can upload their experience using certain software. They can upload; videos, text, images, screenshots, blogs- anything they feel comfortable with. This can be viewed by others who may then comment on or ask questions about this experience, in order to build several different views on the same technology so that eventually users can see the chosen software’s capabilities entirely, and create a ‘shared experience’. Another of the talks I found interesting was Justifying Lecture Capture: The Importance of Student Experiences in Understanding the Value of Learning Technologies by Matt Cornock; although his research is based on a very small group of students, the data produced shows that Lecture Capture is at its most effective when used in conjunction with attending the initial Lectures. This way, students are able to maintain a healthy life/work balance, scheduling their revision efficiently without having to be in constant contact with a tutor, which is an unrealistic expectation for any university. The students in the study all said that they felt their revision was more qualitative using Lecture Capture as a resource.

For more information on the ALT Conference, visit the website;


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